Prepare to wait in a queue for a seat, but the tables do have quite a high turnover so you’ll only have to wait up to ten minutes. In response to this, supermarkets are offering RTCs or ready-to-cook packages that are better suited for the daily needs of an average consumer. Lemongrass with Pandan Leave Tea They are the best sandwiches we’ve ever had! On your trip to Vietnam, especially to the highlands, you should bring home some freshly roasted Vietnamese coffee as souvenirs. 80k – 100k VND would be considered a good price. Known as one of the gorgeous and beautiful traditional Vietnamese dresses, the Ao Dai is often worn on special occasions in Vietnam such as Tet (Lunar New Year), weddings, and national holidays. The Dan Nhi, a Vietnamese violin, is both the dearest and takes up the most space, so plan ahead to make sure you have enough space to take it back home. With a hint of sweetness, coconut candy is wrapped in a thin, edible rice paper layer adding to the texture of the treat. Occasionally it may be served with pork belly, but our favourite version is with pork meatballs. Always ask how much one item would cost first, then try to see if you can get a deal when buying two or more items. Beautiful Silk Products. You can’t go to Vietnam without feasting away at the amazing dishes they have to offer. This depends greatly on the type of instrument. From the museum, we took a taxi (via GrabTaxi app) to Lotte Center which cost 25,000 VND (