What Exactly Is Cristalino Tequila and What Should You Drink? With notes of citrus and vanilla, Teremana’s Blanco Tequila has a smooth finish that’s begging to be mixed in a margarita. When it comes to choosing the best tequila for margaritas, look for one that says 100% de agave or puro de agave. This tequila is triple-distilled, giving it a very smooth flavor with hints of honey, citrus and of course, agave. Gold tequilas, not ideal for margaritas, have been aged longer in the oak. We felt it was important that we chose a product for our best tequila for margaritas recommendation, that is accessible to most. Use the tequila for a margarita with a distinctive spicy kick. Jonah Flicker is an experienced writer who has been covering spirits and traveling the world visiting distilleries for the past six years. Archived. Añejo tequila is the perfect spirit for a margarita sangria, too. Here’s what to mix tequila with when you’re not in the mood for a margarita. Cazodores Tequila Reposado has a clean and light flavor that’s good enough to eat. This tequila is young, only aged in oak for up for two months. Tapatio Blanco comes in a liter, and, like Silver Patron, it’s a simple, no-frills blanco. Both Julian and Dave suggest avoiding mixtos if for no other reason than mixed alcohols give you a hangover. Dulce Vida Organic Blanco Tequila. By the way, this is what tequila is made from. The 10 Best Añejo Tequilas to Drink in 2020, The 10 Best Blanco Tequilas to Drink in 2020, 12 High-Proof Tequilas You Should Be Drinking, 5 Essential Tequila Bottles You Need for Your Home Bar, The 12 Best Canadian Whiskies to Drink in 2020, The 8 Best Coffee Liqueurs to Drink in 2020, The 9 Best Gifts for Bourbon Lovers in 2020, According to Experts, The 10 Best Japanese Whiskies to Drink in 2020. The effects are subtle, but this will help make for a great margarita. Some bartenders are fans, as it keeps the oak and vanilla flavors of a barrel-matured spirit, but has a clear color that won’t affect the appearance of a cocktail. These tequilas typically feature a very fresh agave-forward flavor. To make this margarita, shake 2 ounces tequila, 1 ounce triple sec, and 3 ounces fresh sour mix with ice. Next, check out these delicious tequila shots. It's a blend of reposado, añejo and extra añejo tequila that is crystal clear but retains the flavors that come with aging. I am looking for a quality tequila for margaritas for a big party. 100% agave-- This is a spirit made entirely from the agave plant. tequila, simple syrup, vanilla extract, sugar, lime zest, orange blossom water and 3 more Agave Margaritas Camille Styles lime wedge, fresh lime juice, silver tequila, light agave nectar and 2 more I normally make margaritas with patron, casamigos or 1800 tequila. Hosting a party of 10 and they will want my strong margaritas so the tequila will go fast so looking for a big bottle that will be just as good without breaking the bank. There are excellent tequilas from brands using traditional methods as well as distilleries using modern technology like diffusers. For something with a bit of oak and vanilla flavors to augment the already distinctive character of tequila, try a bottle of reposado, which can be aged for up to one year. 4.0 / 5 stars (899 Reviews) Mexico - 100 % estate grown and hand-picked Blue Agave is roasted in clay ovens during the production. ElVelo, which is produced at the same distillery as Casa Noble, makes an affordable and delicious blanco. The tequila brands labeled tequila mixto or oro have been cut with an inferior natural cane spirit. Whether you dislike the flavor of tequila and lime or you were brought up on a steady stream of virgin strawberry margaritas at your local Tex Mex restaurant, the Mr & Mrs T Strawberry Margarita Mix might be the best tequila mixer for you. This tequila also has some star power: George Clooney and Rande Gerbere originally founded the Casamigos brand! Okay, so Convite’s Esencial Espadin Mezcal isn’t a tequila, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t add it to your next marg. Learn how to make a margarita—blended, on the rocks and virgin. It makes a nice margarita as well, particularly when blended with fruits like strawberry and pineapple. https://www.allrecipes.com/article/how-make-perfect-margaritas Añejo means that the tequila has been aged in oak barrels for at least one to just under three years. This last component is by far the most important, and luckily, we are awash in options. This añejo is aged for a year in American oak barrels, giving it a golden color and soft notes of spice, caramel and toffee. Seeking a good tequila for margaritas. His work has appeared in many different national outlets covering trends, new releases, and the stories and innovators behind the spirits. The tequila, lime, and triple sec seemed well balanced, without hiding the spirit's bracing quality and flavors of menthol, red pepper, and lemongrass.
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